Your Software Choices

​CABS is probably the most comprehensive meetings and events management software solution available today.

We say this with confidence because CABS is used by, and its functionality has been driven by, some of the world’s leading organisations – top six global accounting firms, international law firms, iconic venues, central government agencies, local governments, world renowned universities, and medical institutions.

The very first lines of program code for CABS were written in 1984 and the software has gone from strength to strength ever since.

When you are one of the first suppliers in the market you have at least two distinct advantages -
  • You have more experience than everybody else.
  • You are by definition a market leader.

CABS is fully scalable and cost effective at every level. 

It is suitable for all venues; from those with just a handful of bookable spaces, those with residential accommodation and/or sophisticated dining facilities, to multi-location organisations with thousands of users using the online system on a daily basis.

Below you’ll find further details about how CABS achieves this remarkable feat or contact us to discuss what you’re looking for with one of our advisors.