CABS Classic

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain 

CABS Classic is the name we’ve given to our most mature software platform.  Currently at version 7.0, with version 7.1 due out in the next few weeks, CABS is based on the industry standard SQL database. It is available as an on-site or “cloud” based solution and the vast range of integrated modules all share the same, familiar, easy to use, Windows look and feel.

Different Usage, Same Real Time Information

Whether you're using the system from front of house, in the catering department, in IT support, housekeeping or the sales office, CABS looks and behaves in a consistent and elegant way; everyone using the same detailed, real-time information according to their job function.

As a user of CABS Classic, you can be an administrator with full access to all CABS functionality; an administrator limited to a single location or a specified sub-set of the system; or a read-only user able to see and/or report data from CABS but unable to create new records.

You can find out more about each CABS module below or contact us to talk over any specific requirements you have