System Manager

We Help You Manage Better!

CABS makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources faster, better and avoid costly mistakes during operations. With our system, you eliminate the possibility of double-booked and over booked rooms that can cause embarrassment and lead to discrepancies. Our idea of developing the software for our customers is simple: To create a single version of truth that is available to each and every authorized stakeholder within the enterprise. It helps managers know what is available, where and when. With our sophisticated software, you can get an accurate view of the costs and revenue and the exact status of all bookings from your desktop.
Use the tools for greater efficiency!

As an enterprise user responsible for maximising the use of your rooms and resources, it is much easier to do from a single system than if you’re using a variety of paper based and disparate computer applications CABS is robust and extremely scalable software that will give you total control of your rooms, resources and conference venues. It allows you to manage all key activities for bookings of any type:
  • Diary Management
  • Booking Requests
  • Confirmations
  • Changes and Cancellations
  • Wait Lists
When you are in total control of these elements, your operations improve, your revenues improve and the risk to you business and reputation decrease making everybody’s job easier from the receptionist to the boardroom.

Never lose control again!

With the power of our powerful CABS software, you will always have a clear cut idea of what is on hand and can operate accordingly. Offering customers any of your services will become a breeze and you will never have the fear of over-booking or double-bookings on your mind. You can concentrate on taking care of the customer rather than bothering about your internal resources. Inventory management is simplified so that you can handle any volume of bookings and visitors while at the same time offering you more clarity on the resources available at any time.

The ability to follow up enquiries effectively and stay on top of the constant changes to bookings and resource requirements as well as managing the associated financial information to make better business decisions will keep you in total control of your business.