Facilities Manager

Making the Most Effective Use of All Your Space and Resources

We know that room bookings, catering and front of house are not your number one concern – except when it all goes wrong, of course!

We also understand that keeping all the metaphorical plates you are responsible for spinning is a constant issue.

That is why we recommend that you invest a little of your time to consider CABS as the friend you’ve been looking for.

CABS is a fully featured, mature, proven, scalable, reliable system which supports best practice operations based on a single version of the truth with profile-controlled, real-time access for all.

Don’t be fooled by people trying to get you to have a “simple” solution to your problems – we live and work in a complex world and you need a comprehensive system to handle that complexity properly and without issue.  CABS is that system. Because it is highly configurable, it can easily handle anything your world throws at it; having the ability to flex and change as the configuration of your space, your operating procedures, or even the in-house/out-sourced status of your team changes.

Every day that you don’t have CABS delays the day when you can virtually forget issues from room bookings, catering and front of house – so contact us without delay and we promise we won’t waste your time.