Implementation Services

Professional Services That Meet Your Needs

We are proud to be able to offer our customers professional services of the highest quality.  Not only do these address all the requirements for successful use of our software; they also extend across a wide variety of complementary subjects to ensure the most successful implementation of your CABS Room Booking System.

From fundamental principles or project management, through all phases of the software's implementation and maintenance, to the day-to-day use or management of CABS, you can be sure that we are able to satisfy all your CABS related implementation and training needs.

But, wasting money on inappropriate or unnecessary professional services and training isn't just a waste of money, it also wastes time that could be better used and it demoralises the stakeholders and others around them.  In short, it is all-round bad news!

That is why we adopt a focused and objectives-based approach to the subject.  Getting the right approach to CABS implementation for different clients is the key to success because organisations have different skills levels, IT support models, resource availability, and ways they prefer to work. 

So whether you need a complete outsourced solution or a more ‘hands on’ approach with full knowledge transfer, we have a project methodology that will deliver business benefits in the most effective way. When you select software as flexible and as powerful as CABS, you do so for good, solid, business benefit driven reasons which is why our Professional Services have been developed to ensure that, as far as it depends on us, those benefits are delivered "right, on time, and within budget".

We don't force you to use our own proprietary method, or blindly follow some external standard or other.  We work with you to look at your requirements, your constraints, together with your team's strengths and weakness, and other unique circumstances.  Then, together, we select the most appropriate project approach.