Everything Else

When a service is carried out with a repeatable high quality and at scale, it can be used as an essential part of delivering customer or employee satisfaction.   

Service that happens seemingly without effort is often the most impressive.  But those not involved in the operational detail of booking rooms, arranging meetings, putting on events, providing suitable catering, arranging accommodation, coordinating work flows between busy departments, accommodating personalised requests and adjusting to last minute change, may remain unaware of the level of complexity encompassed and the amounts of coordination required.

It is often the smaller tasks or parts of the service that users notice most and that's why our system is allows you to set up additional service items that can be booked or requested by users, such that a complete service can be developed and maintained by you. 

The rest of this website looks at the core functionality of CABS, the typical day-to-day users of the system and what they achieve with CABS to help them.  This section considers those additional elements and as examples we include items such as AV & IT equipment, handling time-zones, and what to do when something is happening outside the scope of the normal system but you want to keep track of it.