Your CABS Options

At Business Careware, we believe it is of the utmost importance to provide you and your colleagues with the simplest of systems.  One that is so easy to use that everyone can do their jobs as effortlessly as possible. And one that will flex and change with you as your circumstances dictate.

CABS is that solution.

It works brilliantly for all things bookable – desks, internal meetings rooms, client meeting rooms, catering, AV equipment, shared spaces, restaurant tables, bedrooms, car parking spaces, sporting facilities, exhibition spaces, waiting staff, event management staff, even things like lockers, taxis, flowers, marina berths, golf tee times, and market stalls– you name it, you can book it with CABS.

That’s because CABS is a fully integrated suite of feature-rich, highly configurable, off-the-shelf software modules.  This means that, together, we can make CABS behave like software bespoke-created for your organisation AND we can configure it to ensure that for each user it is simple, straight forward and, above all, fit for purpose.

Corporate Head Office or Hospitality Sector

CABS - ‘best-in-class’ software for two main organisation types

On site or in the Cloud

CABS offers complete flexibility regarding your preferred IT platform.

Self-service or service desk operation

With CABS you can even do both at the same time

Device choices

The right device, in the right pace, at the right time

Core functionality or more

CABS’ modular approach allows you to create a complete solution to match your needs