Software Maintenance & Support

High Quality Support When You Need It Most

We know that even the best software sometimes doesn't work exactly as planned or maybe as our clients expected. Having our high quality support services on hand to deal with any issues you may face, from minor 'how to' questions to any more serious issues, is critical to the success of our clients so they can keep working at maximum efficiency.

We have highly skilled, experienced CABS Software support consultants available via our dedicated Helpdesk. We also use a specialist Helpdesk and Incident Management system to manage all aspects of software support and development processes.

This, in conjunction with our Service Level Agreement, is used to manage the call escalation process for support calls for CABS.  Support calls are managed and escalated according to their severity and the associated target response and fix times.

So no matter what issue arises during your use of CABS you can be sure it will be dealt with quickly and effectively with minimum disruption to your working day.