Successful Deployment

It Takes More Than Software

Everybody wants a simple solution – right?

In this context “simple” probably means intuitive, easy to use and effective – and that’s what you can have with CABS if that’s what you want.  The thing is, your situation is unique and your users deserve a solution that helps them, not only to succeed in their day-to-day activities but also helps them fly.

Our Business Consultancy services draw on years of experience from within the hospitality sector and from much further afield too.  By engaging with us at the strategic level you can tap into a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding brought to life through proven methods and techniques to ensure that you and your colleagues set off on the front foot.

We have implemented CABS many, many times before.  Our Implementation Services are designed to help you minimise any risks, maximise every opportunity, and expedite the time it takes to get your system up and running, and your stakeholders happy.  And, our route to your success always starts from wherever you are.  Because one size rarely fits all, we have a range of tried and tested implementation approaches.  Click below to explore each in more detail and discover the one that can help you get the system your organisation needs, when you need it.

According to a white paper entitled The Power of Behaviour Change in Business by Ethical Angel from May 2022, research shows that just 12% of knowledge from training actually gets applied in the workplace.  In other words, 88% doesn’t make it or is wasted.  This is not new news and this is why our Training Services have always been about more than knowledge, they are about competence, confidence and application.  If you would like to see measurable change and real progress, find out how our Training Services can help you and your colleagues on your way.