Desk Groups and Blocks

Sometimes how we do something is as important as what we are doing and often two (or more) heads are better than one.

If you are operating a hot-desk-type working system at your offices and you need to be able to support group working, project teams, collaborative endeavours, or line manager supervision, a simple hot-desking solution would probably not work very well for you.

The CABS Hot Desk Manager module is powerful and easy to use but, if you want to get people together to work, you will probably want to add the flexibility of the CABS Workspace Manager model to really get the type of solution you're looking for

By designating individual desks as being part of a bookable group or block you retain the ability to book out individual seats to named individuals (hot-desking) when the group is not booked as a block.  The system also prevents a block from being booked if one or more individuals have booked specific seats.

The main benefit of working in this way is to the booker - imagine trying to book a project area for 10 people for every day for the next three months.  Although it is reasonably simple to make a recurring booking of this nature for each desk, when you multiply this by the ten desks required and then find that when booking the tenth it isn't actually available any longer, you are likely to get a little bit frustrated.

With the CABS Desk Groups functionality, the booker simply enters booking requirements for a block of 10 desks over the period in question and the system lets you know right away whether this is possible or not.  If it is, one click books the lot. If it isn't, the system highlights the next best option so that the booker can take action to make the space available - e.g.arrange to relocate any odd bookings taking up the block space.

This feature can also be used to work with teams or departments who want to block book a number of desks, say for a team meeting without booking a private meeting room or requiring individual members to book adjacent desks.