Property Management As It Should Be

As you’d expect, Property Management is centre stage in Beams.

A top-level menu provides quick and easy access to both the most obscure, yet vital, pieces of data as well as smooth and straightforward workflows, such as the Lease Wizard.

Properties and Tenants bound together by Leases (or rental agreements) and charges, such as rent and service charges, are made automatically, with full charge review options, or manually – including one-off and non-property related charges.

With full on-screen (or printed) reports being available to support effective management of properties, tenants and leases.

Property Data

The information held for each property is extensive (and expandable) and includes location, associated personnel, tenure, VAT and Charge statuses, and agent details. Beams also holds original acquisition details and valuations history as well as things like geocode reference, title deeds location, building origins (architect, year built, etc), security flags and service charge controls.

Properties can be split into a virtually unlimited number of units, with the system showing each unit’s status, name, lease code, tenant and rental value.

Clicking on a unit opens the unit details screen…

Comprehensive details including sizes, ERVs and approved planning uses are recorded.

Beams allows an unlimited number of preferred suppliers to be associated with a property.

The system also provides access to digital copies of all the documents relating to the property, and is part of the extensive, integrated document management system that is part of the framework that makes Beams so popular with its users.

 This wide-ranging standing data is then augmented by the fabulous range of reports and on-screen views available for each property…

These include insurance values, tenancy schedules, property voids, full transactions listings, with a special focus on Service Charges.

Real-time information about amounts outstanding from tenants is also right at your fingertips.

Buttons make entering Valuations, Budgets and Insurance values easy (although you may prefer to do this with bulk uploads). While the Projects button gives you access to every project undertaken in connection with the property, Sale provides everything you need to keep track of full or partial property disposition, while Notes is a date and user tracked comments/actions facility, with Logs showing system logs of all user activity.

Tenant Data

Recording all the salient legal and operational data relating to each tenant, the system allows the same tenant to occupy more than one property (unit). However, it also allows clear segregation between each occupancy and each lease – avoiding the muddle of misinformation that some more ‘street-wise’ tenant might try to use to their own advantage.

 With a tenant selected, you have instant access to details of all financial transactions, balances outstanding, their latest statement, an interactive list of all tenancies, monthly account values, date and user tracked comments/actions Notes, and system logs of all user activity.

Lease Data

Accessible directly from the top-level menu or via the tenant or the property (or unit(s)), Beams holds detailed information about each and every occupancy agreement – current and expired (or dormant) for operational or analytical use.

From basic facts of tenant/property/lease/rental, through reviews, billing situation, to details regarding charges, units, tax, tenant contacts, breaks, stops and deposits.

All anchored by the link to the integrated Beams document management system with its powerful search facility.

The Leases toolbar provides access to lease-specific details such as financial transactions, balances outstanding, sureties, assignments, service charges, key dates and system logs of all user activity, while its buttons offer the ability to open full tenant or property details as well as date and user tracked comments/actions Notes, Advices issued and Dashboard Actions.


Beams takes the strain with a wide range of repetitive processes and procedures, reducing human error and delivering a great user experience.


Beams makes it easy to create one-off invoices and/or credit notes, even supporting pro-forma invoices (or invitations to pay), using a simple yet flexible header and single or multiple lines structure, which means that you are free to invoice just the way you want.

You can also easily create credit notes from existing invoices, when the need arises.

Lease Creation and Maintenance

Knowing just how complicated leases (and other occupancy agreements) can be to set up and then keep up to date, Beams uses a Lease Wizard to make it quick and easy to get it right first time, every time.

Whether you are creating a new lease, editing, vacating (and unvacating), or renewing an existing lease, the Beams Lease Wizard is the one place to go. You can even create a new tenant from within the Lease Wizard, making the workflow as smooth as possible.

Property Manager Support

Beams provides a property manager (Surveyors’) portal where information can be collated for specific managers.

Further filters can be applied to restrict to company, report group or accounting group.

The property manager then selects the “report” they wish to use and press “Print”, which generates a real-time screen display of the information they require.

“General Lists” uses the same filters to provide useful information which can sometimes take a longwinded exercise to create, leading to shadow systems and data duplication.

Beams actively encourages ALL members of the organisation to work with and maintain the single version of the truth which, without Beams, can easily be just a pipe dream.

Rent Roll and Voids reports by profit centre, constrained by reporting group, are also available to property managers

All Beams reports can be exported to MS Excel or Word and emailed as an attached PDF.

Charge Processing

Whether you are recharging insurances, preparing rent runs or collecting service charges, you’ll want to get them right and get them done in double quick time.

Beams users achieve this by using the powerful Charge Preview functionality to process charges in bulk but allowing tweaks and changes on an individual basis.

Previews can be processed over a number of days, if required, and they can be refined and improved until absolutely right (or scrapped and started again if that is easier).

Invoice Production

 Beams makes the production and distribution of invoices (and credit notes) a breeze, regardless of the complexity of your company structure, using email where possible to save on unnecessary print and postage costs.

Merge Tenants

Another neat and useful feature of Beams is the ability to keep your tenant list accurate and accommodate mergers and acquisitions (and correct occasional human error) by being able to merge tenant records as and when the need arises.

As you can imagine, this is barely scratching the surface of what Beams is capable of. Please contact us to discuss your own situation and business needs so that we can show you how Beams can change your world for good.