Meeting the Needs of All Your Staff

Employees or members of staff fall under a multitude of headings as far as CABS is concerned.

Probably the most significant group is those who need to request or book rooms for their own meetings.  CABS can allow these people to request space and related items (AV kit, refreshments, etc.) or people (i.e. visitors) which are then allocated to physical rooms and confirmed later by an administrator. Alternatively, CABS can be configured to allow them to book the rooms themselves (self-service).

Indeed, CABS can even handle a mixed situation where some spaces are self-service and others are controlled by authorised administrators.  Such requests and bookings are usually made through CABS Web or via the CABS MS Outlook add-in, although the CABS Email reader can be deployed to upload requests from emails sent to a designated email account.

Not only does every member of staff have their own personal log-in to the system, they also have their own ‘Master Booking Record’ which allows full traceability of everything to do with all their meetings and bookings throughout their entire career with you.

Changes in staff can be synchronised with either your HR system or the Active Directory which controls access to your computer network.

Other sections cover manager/secretary arrangements for delegated booking rights, etc.