Managers & Partners

Helping You Prioritise Your Time to the Maximum

As a manager or partner you are probably constantly reprioritising and rescheduling your activities and meetings.  If you have a secretary or PA, you will be able to delegate some of that to them and you would want a room booking system that recognises the difference between you and them yet which allows them or you to access your bookings – CABS does this without hesitation.

If you ever want or need to access the system yourself, you can do this through CABS Web, which is both fast and simple to use – intuitively guiding you through making or amending your bookings – or the CABS MS Outlook plug-in, which works seamlessly with your Outlook diary keeping your appointments and related meeting rooms etc. in sync.

Many systems on the market only handle bookings for the booker which creates the need to share log-in details and possible confusion between who is logged on as whom and for whom bookings are being made – not so with CABS. Contact us today to take the first step in both simplifying your organisation’s booking system and significantly improving its efficiency and effectiveness.

Should you be the manager or partner who is responsible for the day to day use of your organisation’s facilities then you ought to talk to us about how CABS can help you see utilisation and occupancy levels, as well as things like last minute cancellation rates – information vital to optimising the use of your physical space.