The Reports You Need in the Format You Need Them.

Whether they are viewed on-screen or printed out, every organisation has a huge requirement to produce management and operational reports for all aspects of their business. Making sure these are accurate and can be produced in a timely fashion is crucial, and having a degree of flexibility to allow data to be analysed in more detail is increasingly expected these days.

Not only does CABS provide a wide and varied selection of reports (we have a library of over 400) that can be used both to assist the day to day operations of your room booking activities and to assess performance based on forecasts and historical information and make better business decisions, but those reports also have the ability to export to MS Word and Excel to make further analysis and/or management reporting both quick and simple.

To aid your own report writing, CABS also has the optional Flexible Report Writer & Data Dictionary module. This provides the ability to access CABS data using a ‘plain English’ data dictionary to allow you to use your own tool of choice such as a corporate reporting tool or MS Excel to develop your own specific set of reports, giving you complete control over your reporting requirements.

If you recognise this as a key requirement for your organisation’s future success, we’d love to hear from you - and there’s no time like the present, is there?