Facilities Hire

Everything You Need to Manage Facilities Hire

At Business Careware we watch out for anybody who says ‘just….’. It is almost always a massive over simplification of something quite complex or challenging.  A good example would be “Oh, you just do facilities hire, do you?”  There is so much more to facilities hire than ‘just’ making bookings in a diary.

Yes, you need to be able to do that, but you also have to be able to handle giving quotes, booking show-rounds, adding ancillary items - like catering, equipment, special licences, etc – taking deposits, keeping track of special insurances, invoicing, cancellations, set-up and knock-down times, maintenance and repair notes, and all the correspondence that goes with it to prove who asked for what and when.

If you recognise this and perhaps you would like to do more besides – like keeping a proper record of who changed details against a booking or running off reports by use type, booking source, revenue by period (past or future) – then you need a proper system like CABS to help you to ‘just’ provide professional facilities hire in the 21st century.

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