Multi-location Meetings

Schedule Multi-Location Meetings at The Click of a Button

Although it may be a pain, it usually only takes time and concentration to set up a series of interdependent but split location or venue meetings or events.  It’s when they start getting moved around, tweaked and rescheduled that things really start to get difficult; and the nearer to D-day the more exponentially stressful they become.  Of course, that’s without CABS taking care of things for you.

CABS naturally handles split-rooms, multi-rooms, and cross location bookings.  It links every individual booking to a Master Booking Record to keep groups of bookings linked together, and it also allows parallel bookings to be made into sessions.  This ensures that those involved in making the booking, and keeping the information bang up to date, are able to do so simply and effortlessly, while the service delivery teams are kept up to date with changes that are made as and when needed.

Why not do yourself and your team a favour – get CABS on your side!