Sports & Community Facilities

Making the Best Use of Community Facilities

If you are still using paper and pens (or is it pencils?) to manage your facility bookings, or perhaps you’re using word processor documents or spreadsheets, or even something like MS Outlook, we are pretty sure that you feel there must be a better way from time to time – usually when something has been double booked or cancelled without anybody realising, or some other problem when it is too late to do anything about it other than be embarrassed (and/or find somebody to blame).

You may have already looked at one or two possible solutions but found them wanting in some respect, or not working quite the way you’d need them to.

If you were to use CABS as your facilities management system, you’d find that you could configure the system to give you the perfect blend of control and flexibility; the ability to implement the charging policies that will work for you, together with web-integration to allow your version of “self-service”.