Video Conferences

Everything You Need to Arrange  Video Conference Across Different Time Zones

Although video conferences are great for saving participants travel time and their organisations the travel related expenses, they create a lot of work and hassle for the meetings/bookings team and the AV support team.

Not only do you have to make sure that the correct rooms are set up at each end of the conference link, but that the equipment and service is available too.  Oh, and don’t forget the participants too – what if their availability changes and everything needs to be reorganised?

CABS doesn't only handle the rooms, equipment and participants, it also integrates with your VC provider and maintains full behind-the-scenes dialogue between those involved in making each individual VC go off without incident.

By having full time zone functionality built-in, CABS even takes the strain out of international VCs – especially handy in the spring and autumn when daylight saving switches on and off (or not) in different countries on different dates and by different amounts – in Australia alone there are six time zones with one being only 30 minutes different from one of its neighbours!!