Deal with Thrid Parties Bookings with Minimum Hassle
You are probably not an event or booking agent, but if you are, you may be interested to know that our room and event management system, known as CABS, has been designed to handle your booking on behalf of your clients and manage any commission payments due in relation to them.  If you work with venues that struggle to do this, may we ask you to invite them to speak with us?

So, if you’re not a booking agent, who are you?  Probably somebody with responsibility for sales whose life is made difficult by agents and dealing with the complexities and confusion that working with them can bring.  You’re probably looking for a system that can help you deal with agents and the various ways that they require you to work.

Congratulations, you’ve found it in CABS.  In CABS, agents are entities in their own right within the system – so you can see how much business they have brought your way and how much commission you have paid them, etc.  However, CABS also allows bookings to be made by agents (when you don’t know the principal) and then ‘convert’ the booking to the actual client when their identity is confirmed. 

The system also deals with the situation where the client’s identity is known from the outset but where you need to record the agent’s identity against the booking.

CABS does this without losing track of either the agent or the client throughout, and facilitates whatever historical or forecast reporting you might need – so there’s no need to maintain any ‘shadow’ systems, as we call them.

Make contact with us without delay to take the first steps to an easier, agent-friendly future with CABS.