Membership Managers

If you are involved with an organisation that has its own premises, especially one with several rooms and lots going on, you are probably familiar with the problem of having the same information in several places. Typically this would be the financial system, the membership system, the bookings/events system, and one or two others thrown in for good measure, no doubt.

Wouldn’t it be good to have all this in one, comprehensive system?  If you thought that was either too difficult or too expensive, then think again.

Take a good look around the rest of this site to discover all the great things that CABS is capable of doing for you from a venue and events management system, but here are some of the highlights of the CABS Membership Management module which we think you’ll be particularly interested in:
•    Create and manage Memberships, Joint Memberships (i.e. Families/Couples) and a virtually infinitely configurable list of membership types
•    Manage member subscriptions and the billing of subscriptions
•    Assign members to one or more Special Interest Groups (so you can promote to all members of SIG XYZ)
•    Book accommodation for members
•    Create ticketed events, manage the sale, assigning and printing of tickets (all ticket sales have to be associated to a member) – these can then be billed to a member.
•    Create ad-hoc queries of membership data
•    Create documents and letters to members

The module does much more besides, but if the idea of a single, joined-up system to handle all your membership and venue needs appeals, give us a call or send us an email today and get started on the road to a better integrated future