Individual Desks

“I just want to book a desk for next week – surely that can’t be that difficult, can it?”

The thing is, just  booking a desk may not be all that simple, especially if you have more people than desks, or you are experiencing rapidly changing demand, such as last-minute cancellations, or any one or more of the myriad issues and challenges involved in make something “so simple” work in the real world.

Well, this may be true, but with the CABS browser-based Hot Desk Manager module, desk booking headaches can become a thing of the past for you and your seat-seeking colleagues.

CABS makes it easy to make a one-off desk booking with just one click or you can ask the system to find you a desk across a number of dates, using both regular and irregular booking patterns.

Similarly, you can browse available desks or search for a desk near a colleague to help collaborative working.

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