Shared Spaces

Although it is usual to want to manage spaces that have dedicated use, i.e. a desk has one occupant, a conference room can only host a single meeting at a time, it is not unusual to also need to schedule the use of shared spaces, e.g. break-out areas, dining rooms, lobbies, lawns, foyers, coffee lounges, common rooms, even gyms and sports facilities.

With CABS this is done with ease.  Each space is configured with a maximum capacity and bookings can be made up to and including that capacity.  Furthermore, each space can be set up to have a number of "sessions" or "slots" which can run contiguously or with gaps between them.  This is particularly helpful when creating a dining facility when sessions for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be defined - each with different capacities if required.

Bookings for CABs shared spaces can then be taken for the whole of a session or just part of it, allowing a dynamic, revolving use pattern to operate.

Of course, any shared space can easily be booked out for sole use, if/when required.

If you could do with some help with managing shared spaces, contact us to talk about how we can be of assistance.