If managing meetings taking place simultaneously in multiple locations is a challenge, it is exponentially more challenging when those locations are in different time zones – it is until you use CABS to manage these events.

It doesn’t matter whether your overseas locations are actively managed using CABS – i.e. the remote location has access to CABS and uses it to manage all bookings and events – or not.  Every location within CABS has its own time-zone and CABS seamlessly handles the relationship between each location, even taking account of changes due to daylight saving time.

This is especially helpful when booking video-conferences.

Imagine you are setting up a 45 minute call at 2:00pm in the UK with participants in both Beijing and New York. CABS would automatically know that Beijing is GMT +8 and New York is GMT – 5 and would book resources in all three locations at the right local times to be in sync with each other (and it will handle any subsequent adjustments automatically, without the need for a second thought!)

When used in conjunction with the CABS automatic email feature, the notes against each and any aspect of a booking and the ability to automatically add resources based on meeting type (i.e. video conference) – whole booking notification and international liaison requirement happens in the background without the need for any other intervention.  In short it’s as easy as pie!

If this sounds like something that would make a difference in your world, it’s probably time to get in touch with us to find out more about CABS