Non-meeting Services

Never Let Anything Get Missed

Picture a situation where you have the most powerful and comprehensive computer system in operation in your organisation; one that handles everything to do with meetings and events; one that provides a completely up to date, single version of the truth for everybody directly or indirectly involved - be they the booker, host, attendee, room set up team member, receptionist, AV/IT specialist, security detail, catering service provider, or facilities manager - and yet you have to use some other system – probably the good, old Post-It note – to deal with serving meeting-type requests in non-meeting situations!

With CABS this is totally unthinkable.  CABS has an optional module called ‘Deliveries’ and this handles the collection, delivery, borrowing and lending of anything and everything, whether normally associated with meetings (e.g. an LCD Projector) or not (e.g. a passport).

Where items are meeting related, they can also be tracked via the CABS ‘Extras Diary’ – an on-screen, departmental view of where everything is and when it is free.

So, far from being the exception that proves the rule of how comprehensive CABS is, the CABS Deliveries module is the deep red cherry, on the flawlessly smooth icing on the delicious and perfectly textured CABS cake.

To take the first steps towards a fully joined up, on-line, all singing, all dancing service delivery future contact us today to find out how we can help you turn it into reality.