System Manager

This is where the magic is done!

The System Manager module is the very heart of CABS.  This is where your system is configured and maintained.

As a truly international system, setting up and maintaining different sites, each with its own time zone and currency is expected.

CABS also encouraged you to create booking zones (we call them locations) that can be administered and accessed by different groups of users.  Typically, client meeting rooms are in a different location from internal meeting rooms, but you can be much more granular than that - the training department might have their own rooms or spaces, as might HR for interviews or the IT team - you get the idea.

The System Manager is also used to set up user accounts, with profiles and persmissions and the expectation that these will be maintained by a feed from Active Directory or some other central source.

Here, too, you will set up your spaces (be they meeting rooms, bedrooms, desks, car parking spaces, or whatever) and their availability, your room groups, the layouts/uses that govern each room's capacity and any automatic set-up/breakdown times and/or facilities/reminders that go with them.  Of course, CABS allows spaces to be configured in hierarchies of floors, suites, combinations etc to make booking and maintaining bookings a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, the CABS System Manager is also where you set up all your facilities or services - we call them extras.  Extras can have prices and costs, can be for catering, equipment, people, notices, can be infinitely available or contained to a specific number, and can have specific times/days of availability and minimum notice periods too.  They can be units of one or several (e.g. a case of wine) and can be required per number of covers/attendees.  You can even determine to the specific room which extras are or are not available to book.

Hopefully, you will understand that CABS is powerful and highly configurable. This means that, however sophisticated or complex your booking requirements, CABS will be able to embrace them, turning them into the rules and workflows that you and your colleagues need to operate an easy-to-use, efficient and effective booking system for all.

Contact us today to find out how CABS could be configured to transform your world.