Bookings Manager

The Central Hub

The Booking Manager is the very heart of CABS as an operational system. It includes everything you need for a fully operational booking system and is required for all CABS implementations as it plays a central role in almost every other activity you need to manage.

Most users start from the interactive diary where you can just click and drag on the diary view to create a new booking.  This is the same diary view you use to see other bookings, recognise the current status of each, mark them as started or ended, and check other key information simply by hovering your mouse over or right-clicking a booking.

Capacities, Layouts and .....

The diary view also reveals details of room capacities (according to different layouts), xyz, abc, etc but you’ll probably be pleased to know that the CABS Bookings Manager is more than just the diary though.

One of the most powerful features CABS offers, especially if you work in a busy environment where somebody need to keep an eye on new bookings, regardless of the lead time given, is the interactive, real-time Provisional List.  From here you approve, modify or reject bookings – it’s like your bookings central command centre

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how Bookings Manager can be implemented to suit your business.