Wedding & Functions

Ease the Stress of Having a Party!

Celebrations are great for the guests and they’re supposed to be great for the hosts too - and wouldn’t it be great if they were less stressful for you, the organiser, too?
Well, they can be with CABS on your team to help take the strain.

CABS handles the room bookings – including any changing rooms, stand-by locations to handle changing weather conditions, and ad-hoc spaces for musicians, drinks receptions, and the like.
  • The catering – with full menu-builder capabilities to handle last minute seasonal changes, supplier problems and dietary requirements
  • Accommodation – whether it’s your own or you are simply coordinating that belonging to others
  • Equipment – making sure the right microphones, lecterns, cake stands, knives, chairs, tables, red carpets, projectors or whatever else is needed, is in the right place at the right time – and is charged for/returned as required.
  • Room layouts – not just with associated diagrams to avoid misunderstandings, but with timetabled set up and knock down times too.
  • Extra staff – CABS can help you keep track of duty managers, extra catering and waiting staff, communicating with them electronically or by printed reports.
When you add to this the ability to access it all from an iPad or other tablet device you realise that CABS is nothing sort of the cavalry coming over the brow of the hill to your rescue.

Talk to us today to find out what CABS can do to make your weddings and functions a joy to organise as well as attend.