Finance Manager

Whether you love it or hate it –having your finger on the financial pulse of your organisation is vital, yet many people have to make do with no or partial information – but not those with CABS Finance Manager.

CABS understands both prices and costs.  This doesn’t mean you have to charge for things, but that you can if you wish.  Indeed, several CABS users only charge for no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

CABS Finance Manager works across all the other modules and provides official quotations, customised invoices, event and client statements (printed or electronically), costed menus and works with VAT inclusive or exclusive prices

You can take financial control to a new level with the CABS Finance System Integration Module.  It allows anything between early (pre-event) or late (post-event) data feeds between CABS and your chosen enterprise account system on whatever periodic basis you choose - be that hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.  As with most things CABS, you are in control.

So, whether you want to recharge departments for their use of the facilities (or perhaps only if they cancel without giving the required notice),   know the financial contribution of each booking or event, or just keep track of deposits and final settlements, the CABS Financial Manager is a tool that puts your finger on the pulse and your mind at rest.  Find out more by contacting us now.