Desk Manager

Flexible Hot Desk Booking Software Available to All Employees

With the double-whammy of increasing pressure on costs and the need to provide flexible working arrangements for staff, organisations are getting more and more into hot-desking.

Sadly, somebody has to try to manage this new, supposedly non-territorial seating arrangement.  If you try to simply run a first come first served operation you’ll probably find that this brings in its wake almost a tsunami of issues and disputes (and no-shows too).

However, the alternative – a properly managed and controlled system – may appear too costly, too complex or total over-kill.  Until you look at the CABS Desk Manager Module that is.

The CABS Desk Manager is a fully-featured Hot Desk Booking System with a set of functionality and reports, supported by the CABS Web module - to allow secure, fully configured and controlled ‘self-service’ – underpinned by a full audit trail and auto-email communications.

By taking a little time to plan and implement your optimal solution, you can create a friction and hassle-free hot desk booking system that adds to morale rather than detracting from it and takes surprisingly little administration.

Don’t settle for hassle – contact us today to find out how we can help you solve your hot-desking  problems