Automation and Workflow

Efficient, accurate processing of the simple to the complex

Staff involved in the management of room booking and events are often burdened with huge numbers of simple, repetitive tasks that individually take only seconds or minutes but collectively add up to a workload that equates to many working days, weeks or even months. Automating these tasks will free their time to focus on far more important service delivery needs that will help improve the quality of the service you deliver, and possibly even increase revenues.

Whether it’s re-keying incoming enquiries, confirming booking details, updating service delivery teams of changes, or simply confirming room details with the host, this type of time consuming administration, although vitally important, does not benefit from human intervention; in fact humans are particularly prone to error!  So why not let the system take care of it for you? Even following up provisional bookings and chasing deposits can benefit from a gentle, system-generated, reminder email before your team spends valuable time and expense trying to make contact with your client.

This is just a simple indication of the type of things that can be easily automated with CABS to free your staff’s time to focus on more productive areas of your business.

However, CABS also incorporates the ability to automate many of the more complex functions such as billing and/or budget allocation (cross-charging or recharging) that can be so time consuming and prone to human error, meaning you can be confident that the financial data is both accurate and provided in a timely fashion.

In today’s competitive environment it is essential you are able to leverage process automation and workflow to minimise operational costs, maximise productivity, improve client relations...that’s what will ensure rapid and high return on investment in CABS as your new room booking system.

If this strikes a chord with you, you could do a lot worse than to get in touch with one of our specialists to find out how CABS could help you and your organisation