CABS MS Outlook Plug-in

Making Room Booking Requests using Familiar Tools

Staff in many organisations use MS Outlook as their primary desktop application. Secretaries ,PA’s, and EA’s who have responsibility for managing the diaries of Executives and Teams within your organisation, have a particular challenge – trying to coordinate several people’s availability whilst checking meeting room availability.  Regardless of how many sources of information they currently have to access to complete these tasks today, with CABS everything can be handled through Outlook itself.

The CABS Outlook Plug-in simply adds a ‘CABS’ button to the meeting page in Outlook thereby  automating the room and related services booking request as part of the normal scheduling process of checking the attendees’ availability, choosing a date, and sending meeting invitations. This means that the whole process (including adding catering, AV requirements, etc.) can be completed without leaving your Outlook diary, and without additional overheads on the booking administrators.

Additionally, as the Outlook meeting is saved, the now linked booking request is transmitted automatically into CABS with all the relevant details, including individual participant details, already available to everyone affected by the booking, with no need for data entry or time consuming calls or emails.  Indeed, if you subsequently change any of the meeting details then these, too, are also transmitted automatically to CABS, keeping the service delivery teams fully abreast of the very latest situation.

We hope that you can appreciate that the CABS MS Outlook plug-in will help you not only increase your efficiency, taking hassle, strain and stress from a job which probably already has way too much of that, but it will also do the same for your colleagues and, if you outsource front of house, catering and/or any other aspects of service delivery, for them too, saving them all valuable time to work on more productive things.  If this is the case, we recommend that you get in touch with us without delay to discover for yourself what you are missing.